Choccolate tasting

I cannot on any site find a chocolate tasting experience similar to the one I had, so I describe it here.

First of all, let me say that I only like Lindt chocolate. All the other “supermarket” ones, I just don't like them. The ones from specialised chocolate shops are at best like Lindt but cost 10-100 times as much.

Now, in France where I live there are two 'black 85%' Lindt bars, one of which is called 'sweet'. They are very different, but contrary to the name, not in the 'sweet' aspect.

The 'sweet' has more cocoa butter, when you touch it, it melts a little, becoming oily. The break of the bar is not sharp. Above all, it 'melts' in the mouth, leaving a very good but… homogeneous, flat, constant taste. The other 85%, on the other hand, breaks in the mouth, melting more slowly, but above all, it gives 'flashes' of intense flavour, which may last a few seconds, but are those things that you remember for a lifetime (who knows, one day the 'Antonello bar' will become famous :-) ).

I believe that the 'sweet' is 'easier' to eat for the uninitiated to dark chocolate, but the latter offers greater gratification


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