Linux on HP Pavilion dv6215ea

Just two notes on my experience on installing Linux (Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7.04) on the HP Pavilion dv6215ea.

This is a very nice and stylish Laptop from HP with Widescreen and useful remote control.

I wrote “two lines” because surprendently EVERYTHING is working without any problems.

Only the WLAN requires some (simple) hack following this guide on installing ndiswrapper:

All the remaining hardware (graphic, remote control, audio, card reader, multimedia keys… ecc.) works out of the box.

A couple of further notes: ntfs filesystem read/write needs the package ntfs-config while for nvidia driver you need to enable restriced driver manager.
Very nice!

PS: As some users made me notice the webcam as well need further drivers not yet included in ubuntu 7.04.

Hovewer drivers are already out and working. You can find and installing them simply following this how-to:

(Tested on ekiga once setted V4L2 instead of the default V4L)


Ali, 2008/08/12 18:50

I Install Ubuntu 7.10 64bit, on my hp pavillion 6560 laptop, a few days ago. wiFi and Bluetooth work good. I have some problems, with my nvidia graphic. and I can not Install softwares on linux.

I’ll be thanks if answer me.

Antonello Lobianco, 2008/08/12 18:51, 2008/08/12 18:51

Why did you install the 64 bit version? If you have less or equal to 4 GB of ram the advantage of 64bits over the 32bits are so few…
I moved myself as well to Ubuntu 7.10 and all went went ok.. but on the 32bits version.. about the nvidia drivers, I do not know if they are available also as 64 bits.
About the software installation it is not clear what you mean from your post.. The preferred way to install software on Ubuntu is using its package manager (I use “Synaptic”) that download the software from internet and install it automatically (obviously you need to be connected in order to use it)…


elisa , 2009/01/14 18:36

Hi, do you know if everything still works fine installing the ubuntu 8.10 version in a HP Pavilion dv6215ea? Thanks very much.

Antonello Lobianco, 2009/04/14 12:19

Sorry for the delay in replaying.. latest I tried on that laptop is Ubuntu 8.04 and I didn't found troubles..

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