AgriRegioniEuropa Journals and Community

Live site:

Key elements

  • Drupal 7 based;
  • Fully structured and interconnected (linked) elements: journals, issues, articles, authors, affiliations.. ;
  • Complete 10-levels articles publication work-flow (including review system) with different permissions and rules associated to each level (e.g. articles can be edited by authors when “under reworking” but not when published, email of notification to authors/editors, automatic “reminder” after n weeks);
  • Bottom-level organic groups modules exploitation where users can start new groups and personalise the roles and permissions of their groups and their content (e.g. who can apply the group, who can post a forum in the group, etc.). Default values are provided for those that do not need this complexity;
  • Back-office tools for managing articles and content in general, with different task by different roles (editorial management, editing management..);
  • Nice video slider to include live streaming and multiple video registrations;
  • Log in method trough external identity providers (facebook, twitter, google..);
  • Usage of caching modules (boost + memcache) for performances under heavy load;
  • Flexible yet simple notification system for groups, content and comments (that we published in;


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