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FInWeb is a Drupal 7 based web tool to help users to evaluate forest investment projects, returning indications on their profitability both on a financial point of view and on an whole economic point of view (when externalities - or non-monetary effects - are priced and taken into account).

Projects can be kept private by users or can be shared so that a database of forest projects is built using a bottom-up approach. The site is completed with a glossary and is full transparent in the way financial variables (net present value, internal rate of return, ec..) are computed as the raw PHP code is publicly available.

All public projects are georeferenced by the user using a point-and-click approach and they are browsable using filters.

The details of the project shows its financial and economical profitability, its financial performances (using several indices), it's cash-flow - both graphical and tabular - and it's completed with a sensitivity analysis. Users can also “test” any single parameter creating and comparing multiple versions of their projects.

The creation of the project is entirely done online using a web form.


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