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<p align=“center”><strong>I am back to France.</strong> <br/>@see <a href=“/antonello/personal:contacts_form”>contacts</a> for details.</p>

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Benvenuto - <i> Welcome </i></h1>
Pagine personali di Antonello Lobianco
<br><a href=><small>Contact form</small></a> - <a href=""><small>Off-line contacts</small></a>
	<li><a href="">Publication list</a>
	<li><a href="">Curriculum</a>
	<li><a href="">PhD Thesis</a>
	<li><a href="">Master Thesis</a>
	<li><a href=>IT projects portfolio</a>
	<li><a href=>Blog</a>
	<li><a href=>Photoes</a>

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> <p align=center><center><a href=“”><img src=“” border=0 width=200px height=80px /></a></center></p>

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<i>Chiunque conosca intimamente un mammifero superiore, come un cane o una scimmia, e </i>non<i> si convince che tale essere ha sentimenti simili ai suoi, è psichicamente anormale.</i> (Konrad Lorenz)

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